Mission & Strategy

The BioSim mission is to create complex generics in markets where they don't exist thus changing the lives of patients who lack financial means or supportive insurance policies, thus helping society slow the alarming growth rate of medical costs.

We are extremely proud of the scientific endeavors that brought us to this point. Not only are we developing complex generics, but we are producing those medicines often overlooked due to the rareness of a particular illness.

With that mission, we have already embarked on our first project, developing the first copy of ACTH GEL for the US. Our goal is to be first to market this product, while also being the lowest priced gel available, thus ensuring everyone who needs help gets it.

The company is well-positioned to capitalize on niche opportunities for existing products used in the treatment of orphan diseases. We will achieve this mission by using the following strategic efforts:

Engage with those regulatory entities necessary to reduce the time, costs and risks associated with product development

Preserve capital through the outsourcing of clinical and commercial scale manufacturing

Produce only copycat drugs, in order to reduce costs associated with specialized sales and marketing staff, while maintaining the minimum amount of overhead to bring our products to market